About Us

Gordon & Centracchio, LLC’s roots are grounded from the days when general litigation firms used to be common place. We are a full service law firm consisting of five lawyers who represent clients for all of their needs.

Lawrence G. Gordon was licensed to practice in 1987 and is a former principal of Gordon & Gordon, Ltd., which was initially established in 1962 by his father, Justice Robert E. Gordon of the Illinois Appellate Court, who retired from the practice of law in 1996. The firm of Gordon & Centracchio was organized at that time and is a personal injury trial law firm devoted to representing individuals who have sustained injuries or death in and out of the workplace, which includes actions against insurance companies, trucking companies, manufacturers, hospitals, doctors, and others. Lawrence Gordon concentrates in workers compensation cases, and is a well-known practitioner in that area of the law, and many of his referrals are from other lawyers throughout the legal community. Mr. Gordon also concentrates in personal injury matters.

David R. Centracchio, who was a trial lawyer with Gordon & Gordon, was licensed to practice law in 1991 and concentrates on personal injury matters, consumer, automobile, finance, chancery, and criminal matters, and is the recipient of many multi-million dollar jury verdicts for clients who received catastrophic injuries, medical negligence or were killed due to the wrongful conduct of others.

Crossing over between personal injury and commercial litigation provides a prospective that promotes an objective view of litigation and enables us to become one of a kind litigators. We believe there is a great benefit to seeing all sides of any matter as it reduces tunnel vision that often prohibits litigants from clearly assessing their case.

Our commercial litigation experience includes a wide variety of matters including but not limited to shareholder/partner disputes, litigation involving a variety of real estate issues, breach of contract, trademark infringement, and employment matters. It is born out of years of representing various size businesses in a multitude of disputes. As a result of our litigation success our clients have also entrusted us with a wide variety of transactional work.

Our transactional philosophy is an extension of our extensive litigation experience. After all, a good agreement not only defines consideration terms it also reduces exposure while providing a dispute resolution road map should the business relationship deteriorate. Who better to develop such a road map than the lawyers who regularly travel the roads. Seeing how agreements (or the lack thereof) are litigated puts us in a superior position to foresee what an agreement needs to avoid scenarios that could result in future costly litigation. Similarly, we often are called upon by our business clients to assess the potential pit falls of their business decisions with an emphasis of reducing potential exposure.